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Do’s and Don’ts For Personal Accounts in Social Media

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I think that by now we are fairly used to hearing and talking about the Do’s and Don’ts for brands and corporations in the social media space, but what about individuals? No one has given us a guideline on how we can or should use social media platforms. We are so used to sharing close to anything and everything that happens in our life that we tend to forget that the social media.. Read More

Build your own Social Media team

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Social Media and Digital Marketing are here to stay. It doesn’t matter if the platforms change and we move from Facebook to Instagram or if we work with multiple networks with different tactics at the same time. The reality is that companies and organizations are finding themselves with the necessity to outsource these services or building their own teams within their marketing structure that will manage their digital needs. For me, when it.. Read More

All Hail to the King!

Image source: When it comes to SEO, Content is King

“Content is King” As marketers, we have been hearing this statement for a few years now. And in my mind, there is no question about it, when it comes to social media: content is KING. But this is the moment when I ask myself what is this King without a strategy? And the answer is: nothing. As everything in the marketing, communications and social media world, all of our efforts will go nowhere if.. Read More

Privacy online and what’s the big deal about it?


I must confess: I think I’m borderline obsessed with social media and the online world. I’m one of those annoying people who checks their phones many, many times a day for no reason and I really think I can’t -nor I want to- stop myself from doing it. I have had a mobile phone since I was 13 years old (yes, it was just a huge block that did nothing but to make.. Read More

3 Variables to define your audience

Having trouble defining your audience? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Last week I wrote about defining which are the right social media platforms for government, non-profit organizations and the private sector. So this week I want to touch on some of the variables that will help you define your audience for these organizations. Like I stated in “Which social media platform is the best for you? The business, non-profits organizations and Government.. Read More

Brandon Stanton on Leaps of Faith

Brandon Stanton / Flickr / Niyantha Shekar

Image source: Flickr / Niyantha Shekar Today, more than 10 million people around the world have hit the Like button for the fan page “Humans of New York” (a.k.a HONY) and this number keeps growing exponentially each month. This blog and fan page, which started in summer 2010, has turned into a New York Times Bestseller book and has launched Brandon Stanton to fame. Brandon was a bond trader in Chicago in 2010 with.. Read More

Which social media platform is the best for you? The business, non-profits organizations and Government agencies edition

When we are planning our strategies it can be easy to get lost and distracted by the features and benefits that each social media network has to offer. I wanted to start this blog post by stating that it doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, the most important element on how you decide which social media platform to use will be given to you by your strategy and objectives. There is no.. Read More

Strategy vs. Tactics: Confusing stuff, right?


Image source: This could easily be one of the most intense, confusing and heated discussions that you could get into when talking about marketing. Misinterpreting these two terms seems to the norm and companies truly struggle in separating the two. As a professional in any field if you manage to master and differentiate these two concepts you are definitely setting yourself and your organization up for success. So let’s start from basics:.. Read More

3 countries, many networks.

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Having lived in 3 different countries and then trying to review and analyze my network in Facebook was a big challenge for me. It is save to say that these three countries have definitely shaped me in different and positive ways. I have had to learn over and over again how to create new networks and to start from zero. Nonetheless, I believe that one of the most important parts of this, it’s.. Read More