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Strategy vs. Tactics: Confusing stuff, right?


Image source: This could easily be one of the most intense, confusing and heated discussions that you could get into when talking about marketing. Misinterpreting these two terms seems to the norm and companies truly struggle in separating the two. As a professional in any field if you manage to master and differentiate these two concepts you are definitely setting yourself and your organization up for success. So let’s start from basics:.. Read More

3 countries, many networks.

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Having lived in 3 different countries and then trying to review and analyze my network in Facebook was a big challenge for me. It is save to say that these three countries have definitely shaped me in different and positive ways. I have had to learn over and over again how to create new networks and to start from zero. Nonetheless, I believe that one of the most important parts of this, it’s.. Read More

Unlocking the power of social media


Social media is the ‘tiny elephant’ in almost every company and organization today. It has been seen as a necessary evil because it is a new tool, where the lines of right and wrong simply seem to blur, it’s understandable that some organizations are exhibiting caution. Social media is, to say the least, a tool that can either make or break us, and this statement applies not only to the businesses but for.. Read More