A quick guide on what is Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.

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Talking about SEO can be a tricky and daunting task. So let’s take some time and learn a little about these two important SEO components.

First of all we need to understand what a Meta Description is. According to MOZ.com, Meta Description Tag is not a significant factor in search engine rankings, but don’t be fooled; it plays a key role in attracting your customers and turning a search into a click-through.

We need to think about Meta Descriptions as little classifieds that allow us to advertise our product or service. It is our chance to charm and make our visitors interested in our page.

Therefore, your Meta Description:

  • Needs to be a compelling and short –no more than 160 characters- description of your page.
  • Use it to convey your value proposition and the importance of your page.
  • Don’t use the same Meta Description for multiple pages. Each Meta Description needs to be unique.
  • Use relevant keywords to your audience, so they are able to identify the relevance of website and how it answers their queries.

Let’s take a look at the Meta Description of Airbnb.ca:


It is a short description of their service, but is also written in a way that is captivating and invites you into their site.

Meta Keywords Tags

This is a brief list of the most important themes of your page. Meta Keywords Tags are no longer important in terms of ranking factor for search engines like Google and Yahoo, and be aware that Bing can consider them has a sign of spamming.

Also, we need to be careful when using the Meta Keywords as our competitors can access our website a see the words that we are targeting.

According to Maureen Quirk, one of the benefits of Meta Keywords Tags is that it “helps with ensuring continuity between keywords and page”. For a proper Meta Keywords you should start with the most important words, separate them with commas, don’t use more than 10 unique keywords per page and don’t repeat them.

So there you have it, 2 terms resolved in your SEO quest. Use them wisely and may the SEO gods be with you.

Source: Meta Description, MOZ.